Monday, August 29, 2011

August 30 Reading

1.  Do you believe in the United States having birthright citizenship?  Yes or no, why?

2.  Why do you think people would want to come to the United States in order to have a baby?

3.  Do you think that we have laws that are outdated in our country?  How do you think we should fix them?


  1. 1.) I do not believe the U.S should have birthright citizenship because it is illegal for immigrants to be here without requirements of the U.S, I think the only way your child or children should be a U.S citizen is if the mother is a U.S Citizen Or has the requirements to be in the U.S and have been here for a number of years.

    2.)I think people would come to the U.S to have a baby to make it easier for them to become a U.S Citizen.

    3.)I do think we have many outdated laws that need to be reviewed because people are starting to take advanage of the U.S Government!

  2. yes i do believe in having birthright citizenship because i feel everyone deserves a chance n all the opportunitys we are given wen we are born

  3. I do believe that the United States should have birthright citizenship because not just immigrants would have to prove the citizenship of their child but so would ALL Americans. I think people would want to come to the United States to have a baby because they think that with their child being a legal citizen that they wouldn't get deported. I do think there are laws that are a little outdated in our country, and to fix them I think our government should just update them to our generation.

  4. 1. I believe in birthright citizenship because if you are born here you are an American. I don't believe children of illegal immigrants should be punished because their parents weren't born here. I don't feel that taking away birthright citizenship would be fair to the innocent children born to illegal immigrants every day.

    2. I think people would come to the U.S. to have kids so their kids can be citizens. I believe people want the best for their children, and a lot of people believe American citizens have more opportunities. This is true, American citizens often get paid more than immigrants.

    3. I think some laws are outdated in this country, but birthright citizenship isn't one of them. I think congress should work on changing outdated laws.

  5. i believe that the citizens birth right should be not allowed because it is unfair to us. you are coming to our country and getting free things and we have to work for what we have it is unfair.

    they would want to come to the united states to have a baby because their kid would have a better life. More jobs and better school.

    to be honest the laws need to be updated to help the united states not get over populated because we are paying all this money for gas and apartments yet all these non citizens are getting it all for practically free but then again the children deserve better i for either side of the situation cause i know if i was in their situation i would want to stay somewhere i know it is safe and i will have a better life for my children.

  6. so they kids can have a better life compared 2 how they grew up

  7. No I don't believe that in the United States having birthright citizenship .. The only reason why is because i feel if an immigrant comes the united states and they r having a baby i think that they should have all times of right just like everybody else that is born here ..
    The only reason why people would come to the united states to have a baby is because the united states takes care of their responbilty and there country might have a law against having a baby or it might just be a sin or something and there baby could be killed if that person is caught in the united states there is no law that is like that .
    Yes i do think that we have laws that our outdated in our country .. And the way that i think that we should fix it is sit down and try to figure out what needs to be fix and how can we go by fixing the problem with out any kind of issues .. I believe that once that they are fixed out country would be mu ch better and much safer to live in i also believe that once our country is back to normal ..

  8. 1. no because people should not have kids until they are 20 or 30 years old. no because people should be at least in their 20s or 30s to have kids.

    2. i think that people would want to come to the united states in order to have a baby because their country might not let them have kids there. i think that people wold want to come to the united states to have a baby because their state might not let them have a baby where they are because they are still too young to have a baby. i do not think that we have laws that are outdated in our country. i think that we should fix them by updating the laws.

  9. 1) I do not believe in the United States having birthright citizenship because, I do not believe it's right that people just come over here have a baby just to make that baby a citizen and say they live here. That would be like me going into your house having a baby and saying my baby lives there too just because I had it there.

    2) I think that people want to come to the United States in order to have a baby just because they want their child to be a citizen and I do believe that some people think it would make not only their baby but themselves a citizen. Even though it doesn't work that way some people aren't clear on understanding.

    3) I do think that we have laws that are outdated in our country because the government has changed and the economy has changed so that might make things more unfair now then they were then just because the law has not completely caught up to the times. The way I think that we should fix them is I think that we should pretty much go through change some, keep some, and get rid of some. Like the Birthright Citizenship law I think that if the parents are illegal then that should make the child illegal too making them eligible for deportation.

  10. 1. I believe that the U.S. should end birthright citizenship. I think that for a child to be born a U.S. citizen, there mother would have to be a legal citizen herself.
    2. i think people would want to come to the U.S. to have a baby because they want to a citizen themselves.
    3. I do think that we have many outdated laws.

  11. 1. No because that is not fair they at least need to be here for 18years first. nothing in life is that easy the people that have a mother and father that are u.s citizens have it hard enough.

    2.I think people want to come to the United States to have a baby because of the birthright citizenship. also because there is a chance at a better education, better jobs, and a better life.

    3.I am not to sure maybe the birthright citizenship because we are starting to get over populated with people. new people are moving here and have a better chance to make it in are world then the people who have lived in the United States there hole life.

  12. 1.I think Yes and No. I'm saying Yes because if immigrants start coming to United States then it would be hard for american citizens to find a job. But I'm also saying No because immigrants are still people that is trying to make a better life for their family.
    2.I really don't think that people are just coming to the United States to have babies. I think that they are coming to the United States to find a good job.
    3.Yes i think that we should fix some of the laws because some of the laws are making some of the people equal.

  13. 1. i think no because there will not be alot of jobs for people that was really born in the united states.
    2.they come to the united states to have babies so they can became a citizen of the united states so they come get a good job.
    3.put a better boarder around the united states so the immigrants cant get in.

  14. 1)I believed that the U.S having birthright citizenship is right because they were born here in the United States.Even if one or both parents are not citizens in the United States the kids shouldn't be punished for it.If there are ways for illegal-immigrants to become legal-immigrants then it shouldn't matter.
    2)1 major reason why people come to the U.S to have kids is to better there future.
    3)yes, we do have outdated laws and we should do whatever it takes to fix them.

  15. Uunique Maritn Said...
    So I feel as if illegal immigrant's should have the same rights as us. I feel this way because under the declaration of independence all man are created equal. For example, education wise we have all the needs that Mexico and other country's want but can not have. Some students don't even want to be in school so why waste an open spot for someone who wants it. Illegal immigrants don't just come over here just to have baby's to allow them to stay but for better living opportunities, education, better work and just a better life period. So i agree to keep birthright citizenship.

  16. Thank you all for posting your thoughts and ideas. You guys did a great job in our first reading activity. Our next meeting will be this Thursday, September 1.


    1. The law that allows for Birthright Citizenship is the 14th Amendment that was passed in 1868.

    It has been 143 years since this law has been passed. Do you think the writers of the 14th Amendment envisioned it being used 143 years later in this way?

    If no, what do we do about it? If you think this is a problem then how do we fix it?

  17. 1. no because there is a lot of illegal people being here an they are haven kids making the population go up a lot
    2. their kid will automatically be an American citizen. they will get American rights.
    3. build a better boarder so immigrants cant get it so yes

  18. 1}I do not believe in birthright citizenship because theirs already a lot of illegal immigrates coming over the boarder.It is not right that foreign people who want to come cant do that.

    2}I think they shouldn't be aloud at all. When they have the child they should get sent back to there home country.

    3}yes but there the laws that remind us how we go here today.

  19. 1.I do believe in birthright citizens i mean if your parents have been here a number of years and are citizens then yes but if you weren't born here then no but I think that the foreigners should to have to pay taxes and everything cause they say they don't want illegal immigrates here but of course there going to want to come if there living here tax free.

    2.To get 10 years tax free and good jobs and freedom of course and there children are automatically U.S. citizens and that gives them American rights.

    3.I do believe we have plenty of outdated laws and that the government needs to take care of them.