Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September 1 Reading Activity

Keith Nolan, Deaf Man, Fights to Join U.S Army

Watch a Video of Keith Nolan Talking About This Topic

1.  In your opinion, should a person who is hearing impaired be allowed to join the United States Army?  Why or why not?  (3-4 Sentences)

2.  In the past both African Americans and women have been prevented from joining the U.S military.  Do you see any similarities or differences between these issues? (3-4 Sentences)

3.  What is a good tool to use when deciding who to let in to the military?  How should we allow some people in and not others?  (3-4 Sentences)

4.  Should Focus Learning Academy have sports teams?


  1. 1.No i don't think a deaf person should be allowed to join the army bkecause they cant understand what everyone is saying and they cant hear what people say to him.

    2. African American , and women should bk able to join the army because they can do they same thing as a man or a American person can do.

    3.If they are active , and listen to everything you tell them to do . also if they have respect when they speak to you.

    4. Yeah that would make the school a lot better.

  2. 1. Yes I think that a person with a hearing impaired because if they want to join the Army then I think that should be allow to join.
    2. Yes there are similarities because if they really want to join the Army they should the right to join and no one should say they cant because of their color, gender, or because of hearing impair.
    3. A good tools when someone is wanting to join the military is what can they do to for the military or why do they want to join.
    4. Yes , because some people at focus like to play sports and they can't because focus don't have sports.And if we did have sports then they would get more work done when they come to school.

  3. #1......I believe that a person who is hearing impaired should be aloud to join the arm forces.I believe this because if they have interpreters of their own then maybe they have something to prove. If they want to risk their life for our country, that is their choice and i don't see what the problem would be.

    #2...... I don't see why women or African Americans were not aloud to enlist in the army. They can do anything else that everyone else is doing and is just as equal as anyone else.

    #3.......I think it should be based on an indiviuals ability to do things. Like now in the military you can not be over a certain weight limit or you would be discharged. I know overweight people that run pretty fast and can do a lot that people think they can not do. So that's a proven fact in my eye's.

    #4.......I think that Focus Learning Academy should have sports. I mean who wants to be bored at school with nothing to look forward to afterwards. It could make us become a BETTER known school and would give students something to FOCUS on. I think having sports will motivate students into doing good in school and scores might improve. Since there is a certain GPA that you have to meet to be in sports, GPA's will rise because students will want to meet the GPA in order to stay in that sport.

  4. 1. Yes i think even a person with a hearing problem should be able to join the United States army. I feel this way because there are many things needed to be done on base. Everyone should have the same rights no matter how there were born.

    2. Yes i see the similarities between the two. At first it was women and African Americans could not be in the United States army and people with hearing problems cant join. that is not right at all this is the land of the free.

    3. A good tool would be looking for the people who have the heart and who really want to fight for our country. I feel like if the person does not have heart they should not be able to join and if they can not complete a task then they should not be in the army.

    4. Yes Focus Learning Academy should have sports team every high school should. It gives many of the students something to be proud of their self for. It also gives us something to hold on to and have fun and have school spirit. I pretty sure if we had sports teams many more students would do good in class in come to school.

  5. 1.Yes i think they should because hearing don't have nothing to do with your skill. But i say no to because you can't hear your command officer when he is giving you an order.
    2.There similarities because the U.S military is judging you because there something wrong with you are cause your different.
    3.They should decide if someone should get in my military on how there good there skills are and how will they work with other people.
    4.Yea because if focus do have a sport they will have a certain GPA so they can play sports and they will be better in school.

  6. it depends if they are trying to be active combatants their hearing impediment would render them almost useless they couldn't take commands they couldn't issue commands if a grenade went off behind them they wouldn't know it

    their are no similarities they cant join because they are incapable of performing necessary duties where as African Americans and women were denied based on social opinions

    there should be psychosocial tests physical tests background checks and other means because those thing all take huge factor in the part they play to help our country people who cant pass these tests should be offered different jobs or could go to school to help correct these things

    focus should have sports because sports is a universal thing it brings people together it would make focus feel like a real school it would be fun too

  7. 1. In my opinion, i don't think that a person with a hearing problem should join the States army. I think this because they would be more likely to get hurt and to be in the army you have to pass a hearing test. Not being able to hear would prevent them from doing the best possible.
    2. i don't think that there are any similarities between the issue of hearing disabled people and African Americana people not being aloud to join the army because, people not being able to hear will affect their performance, being black wouldn't, neither would being a women.
    3. people should have to meet certain requirements to join the army. anyone with any type of disability wouldn't be a good aspect to the military.

    4. I think that Focus should have a sports team. we should have sports teams because alot of students would enjoy it. It would be a good way for some of the students get to know each other.

  8. 1) In my opinion, a person who is hearing impaired should be allowed to join the United States Army because there are more serious disabilities than being deaf. This man along with many others who are joining the military are serious and they love their country. If a man is blinded in combat he is aloud to return to the military so why shouldn't a deaf man have the same rights.

    2) The similarities that I see are the equal rights. Used to African Americans and women both were not allowed to join the army because they were different, the deaf aren't really different excluding the fact that they can't hear. This in my opinion is disabling the deaf their rights.

    3) A good tool to use when deciding on who to let into the military is by their devotion and the heart they have going into it. It's not like this man is trying to get into the army for media attention, he actually sounds like he wants to be there. In my opinion there should only be minimum cases where they should allow people in and not others. Rejection could be taken in many different way by many different people, as the military being racist or judgmental.

    4) I'm not a big fan of sports and it doesn't really affect me if the school does or doesn't have a sports team. I say if there are that many students and the money is right then give them a team and end the debate. Another thing is most schools get rid of their sports just for the fact of funding and we are a credit recovery school as it is so that's another thing that comes into perspective when making a decision. Other than those points I wouldn't mind having sports teams but it's not going to kill me if I don't.

  9. Yes. No one should be stopped form living there dreams or be told no. Because one we need more people to fight for our country and two let them do them if they want to fight for someone that is on them they are protecting you so why should it matter with out people like them we wouldn't be here.

    Yes. because someone is being told no to their dreams. that is not fair they are once again fighting for our freedom why hold them back. but then again no because they are women they should be home with the children or taking care of what is at home or in and office making money to support their families.

    OK let m explain this i think anyone should be allowed to fight for the rights of the people. regardless of what they do or who they are unless they have a disability such as mental retardation. there is no way to tell if they should be in the army as long as they are committed to doing it then they should be allowed to do it.

    Focus should be allowed to have sports teams cause one gym is online that is not fair i think that kids should be allowed to get exercise in school and then it will be fun and they kids would learn team work.

  10. 1. In my opinion a hearing impaired person should be able to join the army or military. If someone want to help serve our country, why stop them because of a disabilty they have no control over? If they are physically able to do what everyone else can, they should be able to join. I believe if people with actual physical handicaps can join the service, a deaf person should be able to.

    2. I think there are similarities. I belive not letting African-Americans or women in the service was discriminatory the same as I feel about not letting in the deaf. To tell someone they can't because of the way they were born is wrong.

    3. I believe if the person can't pass a physical type exam they shouldn't be let into the military. I'm sure you have to be very fit to fight in combat, so if you aren't then you should be given a chance to get in shape or not chosen to get in.

    4. Yes focus should have sports. I think sports help keep people out of trouble. I also like going to football games.

  11. my oponion i think a deaf person should be allowed to join beacuse people who can't hear are still smart and can do everything a hearing person can.

    2.I think there are similarities in this issue about not letting africian americans and women join the army beacuse we should have all had the same rights back then as we do now beacuse women are not just as strong but just as smart and we can do anything men can do, african americans can do the same thing as well good thing it is a new time and we all have the same rights.
    3.A good tool to use in allowing people in the army is to to do checkss on people and if they are smart and a good person they should be allowed to join.
    4. I think focus learning acadamy should have sports so we can be active and physically fit and plus thats another thing to keep people off the streets and doing something good.

  12. 1. in my opinion they should let people in that are even if they are hearing impaired.there are jobs they could do that are not on the front line.
    2.i see similarities because they are keeping people out the army by being unfair. they put women down now there putting the hearing impaired down.this also like when they put African American they are unfair.
    3. Good tool for letting people in the army is their physical capabilities.also, how skilled they are in the field they are applying for.another way to choose would be the is the person able to handle being in a war.

  13. 1. I do not think deaf people should be allowed to join the army . They cant perform in battle . A bunch of accommodations would have to be made for them to be comfortable . Some captains might be frustrated with having to do extra things for them to understand . Especially because the military is not a slow moving force .

    2. Their are similarities because its prejudice . Yet its different because nothing was physically wrong with them . They were still able to perform regular so there was absolutely no reason they shouldn't have been able to join .

    3. People should be put through a military training . If they cant meet the needs of the training then they shouldn't be allowed in . Not because of their skin color or gender .

    4. Yes because Focus doesn't have a lot of disabled students . So therefore no one would really be feeling left out .It would make the students at Focus communicate more if their active together or working together .

  14. 1.Yes i do believe that a hearing impaired person should be able to join the united states army. I believe that it is a act of discrimination because of a disability. I also believe that there should be a variety of options that the united states army should offer to the hearing impaired people, that would no be time consuming for the united states army to instruct to them, and also that is not too difficult for the hearing impaired to understand. The people who are hearing impaired may be able to perform the job duty more efficient than a person with normal hearing.
    2.I believe that these two issues are very similar. African Americans, women and people who are hearing impaired are all prevented from joining the united states army due to the way they were born. Whether it is due to them being a certain race, gender, or have an disability, they all have been denied they right to join the united states army.
    3.I think that a good tool that could be used to determine whether to allow a person to join the united states army should be a class. Everyone should have to complete a class to see if they are capable to perform certain task and their weaknesses and strengths. If they are able to pass the class then the united states army should then place them in the areas where they know for certain they will do well.
    4.No i do not think that Focus Learning Academy should have sports teams. I feel that Focus is an alternative high school to either finish school early or pick up where you lacked at a different school. So i think that students need to be only concerned with earning their high school diplomas and not other thing that are irrelevant.