Thursday, September 29, 2011

Immigration Restrictions

1.  According to Smith, the mayors of what four cities have received mail bombs?

2.  According to Pawlowski what percentage of Americans were foreign born in 1870?

3.  What is a "melting pot"?  What does each author say about the idea of the melting pot in our country?


  1. 1.the cities of Cleveland,Seattle,Boston,and new york have received mail bombs .
    2.the percentage of Americans foreign born in 1870 was 14% now its 13%.
    3. the first author thinks it is bad because it takes aware from American culture and the second author thinks it add to of culture and is good. the melting pot means it has a lot of cultures and people.

  2. the mayors of Cleveland and Seattle and judges in Boston and New York

    30 percent were born foreign

    the melting pot is New York and they call it the melting pot because all the different cultures and races

  3. 1.cleveland,seattle,boston,and new york
    2.13% means we adopt the traditions of immigrants

  4. Danielle Fiorentini
    1. according to smith the for cities that have received mail bombs are Cleveland,Seattle, Boston, New York. 2. 14 percent of Americans were foreign in 1870. 3. a ``melting pot`` is people of many cultures arrive then are melded into the american culture. John smith thinks its a bad thing to have immigrants and their to blame. Ivan pawlowski thinks immigrants makes thing stronger in America.