Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13 Reading Activity

Read the Article:  Americans Imprisoned in Iran

1.  What is the bail that Iran has set for their U.S prisoners?  What were they arrested for in the first place?

2.  Why would paying the bail be a difficult process for the U.S?  What are relations between the U.S and Iran like?

3.  Should the United States pay the bail ($1.5 million) for the 3 suspects or not?  Why?


  1. 1.the bail is set at 500,000 each person. they got arrested for illegally entering Iran and suspected to be spies.
    2. paying the bill would be difficult for the U.S because we don't communicate with Iran. relations between the U.S and Iran are closed.
    3. they shouldn't pay the bill for the people because they crossed the border into a Iran which is their fault why should the United States have to pay for that their families should pay.

  2. the bail they had set for the us prisoners is 500,000 each and they were arrested for spy related charges

    it would be hard to pay that money because 1,500,000 is alot for just three non important people and giving all that money to iran dosent sound like the smartest idea

    i dont really have a clue

  3. Even though the bail is was set at 500,00 for each person and they got arrested i don't think that they should had gotten off that easy .
    The only reason why the U.S and Iran are closed is because so much stuff had happened and that I don't think that is it is fair for the U.S to do something like that ..
    I think the reason why the U.S should pay for their families is because we have money and they don't and i feel like it is not fair that we have to pay for something that they did .. We should make them pay the bail...

  4. 1.The bail is set for 500,000 for each person.The bail all together is 1.5 million.They were arrested for crossing into Iran,and Iranians theink they are spies.
    2.Paying the biil would be difficult because the econemy is in bad shape.Also we dont communicate with Iran.The relations between the U.S. and Iran is not that good because they dont communicate very often.
    3.I think the United States shouldn't pay the bail.I think that because the should have been paying attintion to where they were going,and should have stayed in Iraq.Its there fult that they got arrested.

  5. 1.-The bail was set for all 3 prisoners of $1.5 million dollars.They were arrested for illegally entering Iran and spying for the U.S.
    2.-Paying the bail would be a difficult process, due to the fact that it would have to go through a third party.The relations between the U.S and Iran are very poor due to political reasons.
    3.-No the U.S should not have to pay the bond of $1.5million dollars because the Americans said they accidentally crossed over into Iran.If Iran had a better border that may not have happened.

  6. they set bail at 500,00 dollars for each prisoner.soo all togather 1.5 billion dollars for all three prisoners.they got got caught on the iran-iraq boreder and they arrested the three americans on spy related charges.

    its a difficult proccess for the U.S to pay the money because thats alot of money.and the three american prisoners shouldnt have been arrested in the first place, but hey thats just my opinion!the relations between iran and the u.s. are difficult..because we have different laws than what iran does...

    i mean in a way i think the u.s shoulds pay the bail but than again in a way i kind of dont.... thats alott of money to pay but im leaning more on they should pay the bail because the three americans dont deseve too be there!

  7. 1.set bail of $500,000 each for two man, they where convicted on spy-related charges.

    2.the courts have to go through third parties because of U.S. domestic penalties on Iran. the relationship between Iran and the US are not known.

    3. Their families should pay because they were not working for our country so it is their fault.

  8. 1.Iran set the bail for 500,000 dollars a piece for the U.S prisoners.They were arrested for illegally entering Iran and they were suspected to be U.S spies.
    2.The reason paying the bail would be a difficult process is because there would have to be a third party involved.relations between Iran and U.S are closed because a lot has happened.We should get them back over here because they are being held under them thinking they were spies with no proof.
    3.I think that we should pay the bail not for the Iran people but to get our U.S citizens back.

  9. 1The bail ea set to 500,000 for the two American man They was also charge for spy related
    2 THE was to high so it was hard to pay the u.s Iran was cancel


  10. their bail is 500,000 dollars per person... the u.s. and Iran got a lot of beef so meaning their is no relationship between these two country's. i believe they shouldn't find away to get them prisoners released because you really cant tell whose lying or telling the truth. pluse we cant risk our troop for just two men and our country!!!!! let them men serve their time and just know all darkness comes to life..........

  11. The U.S Prisoners bail was set for 500,000 dollars for allegedly spying.It wold be very difficult for the U.S. to pay bail to Iran because they don't communicate. The only thing they share is that they are a private and closed nation.I think the U.S. should try to pay bail but they shouldn't be obligated to because they prisoners were some where they weren't supposed to be to get accused.

  12. 1 they were convicted of trespassing when they were hiking. they were also charged of being American spy's. the bail was set for 500,000 wish is shenanigans
    2 Iran is no good to us we don't like them and they don't like us. they were convicted of been spy's cuz they were HIKING how is that proof. America has the money they just don't want to give it up cuz of Obama.
    3 no its their fault for been over thier whats the point. if they are being torchured yeah. they are just in prison doin time let them have the experience. Iran is just bien Iran u know they have some crazy stuff over there why else would they do that to Americans. if the wold been Ethiopian they wouldn't of got in trouble

  13. 1.) they were convicted of trespassing when they were hiking.they were also charged of being American spys. the bail was 500,000 which is bs.
    2.)iran is no good to us they dont like us and we hate them.they were convicted of being spys for hiking thats not proof. we have the money but dont wanna give it up cause of obama.
    3.) no its their fault for being over there it was no point for them to be over there. iran is just being iran you know there crazy over there.