Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 15 Reading Activity

Today each of you will be responsible for reading an article of your choice.  Create a Hyperlink to the web article so I can see what you read!

Answer the following questions in paragraph from when done:

Summarize the article, who did it happen to?

What happened?

When did it happen?

Where did it happen?  Why?

Write me a paragraph detailing your opinion of the article.  Did you like what was happening or not?  How come?  How will it affect you?



    in the article i read 3 TSA agents were arrested for helping people transport drug on planes.
    they were caught on Sept.13 and were suspected of doing it more than 65 times.they were doing it on planes to new york,Connecticut,and Florida.

    i feel that this is wrong because the TSA are making a big deal about searching people and making sure the plane is safe when there own people are helping to distribute drugs through out America.this will affect me because it makes planes unsafe and spreads drugs .


    In Newark,Ohio a 17 year old named Spencer Lorenza is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter,aggravated vehicular homicide and assault.He is facing these charges because when he had the crash he killed his girlfriend Hannah Gattrell.Gattrell died on Sep.2 the day that the crash happened.

    Investigators say that they were at a Utica High School football game.Alledegly Lorenza hit a boy at that game then he drove away with Gattrell as his passenger.Investigators say that Lorenza's pickup went off the right side of the road,and hit a tree before comeing to a stop.

  3. 5 Day's ago at my sister's house on 2854 E.10Th avenue their was a drive-by shooting at 4am. it killed a nice, hardworking man by the name of Brian Heldreth 42. Brian never did anything to anyone and everyone liked him. my older brother mike was grazed with built to his head. Luckily it didn't kill him. my 2 nephews who are 4, and 5 were also in their along with my sister Shannon. no one no's who could of possibly could have done it...
    I believe this whole thing was very stupid and inconsiderate, Thoughtless, Unthoughtful, Unthinking, Unconcerned, Uncaring, Unmindful, Heedless, Unheeding, Insensitive, Unsympathetic!!!! my family could have been killed.... i hope the police find the man and put him in jail for a very long time.God will give this man everything he deserves...

  4. who did it happen? to a 38 year old men was charged with felonious assault and was expected to be arrigned on Thursday.what happened?swat team arrests a man of throwing woman out of window.It happen on Wedesday night at woodside apartments, located on tivoli court on the northeast side.

  5. there waz an ex-marine that whent by the named Dakota Meyer, and he waz reseving an medal of honor but him and his sgt.Salvatore Giunta and sgt. first class Leroy petry is sayin he is no hero not for repeatedly russing into heavy enemy fire in attept to recuse four missing U.S trainne servicemembers pinned down in an intens hour-long ambush in the eastern Afghanistan.

    on sept/8/09 til today he resveing meatal of honor and aceptes it not just for himself but for all the fellow marine and there familiy's.

    now til this day Dakota Meyer, ex-marine still wants to retrun to his fellow marine's but olny if he waz able to go into avite duty and fight along in war beside his fellow marine solders, but dakota will be reseving the metal of honor on sept/15/11 at 8:09am in the morring