Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 8 Reading Activity

Is the U.S Safer?  At What Cost?

1.  How old were you when the World Trade Centers were attacked?  What do you remember from that day?

2.  Is there anything you remember about life that has changed since the 9.11 attacks?

3.  Do you think giving up our privacy in exchange for feeling/being safe is a good idea?


  1. 1. i was about 6 when during 9/11. i remember my mom, and sisters calling everyone to see if they were okay.
    2. before 9/11 my family would fly to new-york to see me after 9/11 my family drove so they could fell safer.
    3. i think it is because a lot of people will be safer so they will have to deal with less privacy.

  2. 1.)i was 7 years old and i didnt find out about it till i was like 10.

  3. 1.i was 6 i remember that my mom came and got me from school.

  4. 1. i was 10 years old and i remember being signed out of school, i had to watch the news about the attack.
    2. airports, thay are like entering prison's searching people for weapons.
    3.yes because these days thers so many crazy individuals you never know what yo will end up finding in someones bag.

  5. 1.) I was only 7 when the World Trade Centers were attacked. I was in first grade and my mom came and got me from school early. The attacks were on every channel.

    2.) There is not a whole lot that I remember about life before the 9.11 attacks. A lot has changed because of them though like we have stricter airports, tighter security, and people are more aware of their surroundings now.

    3.) I do think that giving up our privacy in exchange for feeling/being safe is a good idea because that is a small price to pay to not have another day like 9.11. I'm sure that when it comes down to it other people wouldn't mind exchanging privacy for safety especially knowing what happened that day.

  6. 1. I was 8 and a half years old. I remember everyone in school yelling and turning on there t.v. Also i remember that one of my teachers had a son in the World Trade Center so she was crying and walked out of the class room. When she came back in the room she was crying but told us why. A few days later she told us that he did not go into work that day.

    2. Air lines now you have to go in this big machine that like x-rays your hole body. Also they check you and your bags very well. If you say boom on a airplane you get kicked off no if and are buts about it.

    3. Yes i think giving up our privacy in exchange for feeling/being safe is a good idea. Safety is the number one most important thing. When i walk out my front door to walk to school i feel safe and i like that feeling. Now i no some people that are scared to even walk down the street they live on.

  7. 1.) i was 7 years old. i remember my mom making me watch the news when i got home from school.
    2.)i dont remember alot about life before 9/11. alot has changed cause of that. more people are aware of their surroundings.
    3.)i think giving up our privacy for saftey was a good idea. we need protection after 9/11 happened.

  8. 1.I was 6 years old when the World Trade Centers were atacked.All i rememer is getting out of school,and going home to my mom watching the news.My sister and I were confused at the time though.

    2.Not much has changed for me scince 9.11.For other people who fly security might be a lot worse.It might have changed for people who had family that died too.

    3.I think its a good idea giving up our privacy to feel safe.If we didnt then a lot more attcks might have happened.

  9. 1. I was 6 in 4th grade and all i reamber was the school goin through lock down and watch the t.v in my homeroom class tryin to piece what was goin on at that moment

    2.yes, there is some new things they have change and some has not since that dramitic day but airports or more safe and more cops and the just let people come case its a free country and we live in ameica to live free

  10. i was only seven years old when the world trade center was attack.that day was a day i could never forget i was living in the bronx and on my way to school with my father and my brothers. my mom was in the hospital because she just had given birth to my baby brother 2 days earlier on september 9th

    this country been a lot protective since 9-11-01

    no i do not i need my privacy

  11. I Was 7 Years Old At The Time Of 911 . I Remember My T.v Shows Were Interrupted When The Put It On The News and All My Family Was Calling Each Other .

    There Are More Police In The Train Stations and Before Nobody Cared How Big Your Bag Was , It Wasnt Suspicious .

    Yes , If You Have Nothing To Hide You Shoudlnt Mind Being Throughly Searched When Your Trying To Board The Plane .

  12. 1.I was 9 years old and i don't remember nothing about 9/11. there is nothing else i remember.
    3.Yes because it made everything safe for us to life

  13. 1. I was 9 wen it happen, and I really don't remember alot about it.
    2.There is more protection around the United States. its not a good idea to give up on privacy.

  14. I Was 10 years old when the world trade centers were attacked.
    In my life the things that have changed would be the way that security has become more strict to protect the u.s citizens.
    I don't think giving our privacy up to feel safe is a good idea because something like 9/11 might happen again.

  15. 1.)i was 6 years old when the world trade centers were attacked. i rememeber all the people that lost their family members.

    2.)there are more police in the train stations and before nobody cared how big your bag was it was suspicious.

    3.)yes, if you have nothing to hide you shouldn't mind being throughly searched when your trying to board the plane.

  16. I was 11 years old, I was at school and teachers became frantic. I had no idea what was going on until my mother came in and signed me out for the day and explained to me why.

    The U.S security has gotten much better since 9-11. New York is so much different without the trade centers there.I think Americans can feel more comfortable knowing that the police and security are doing everything they can to prevent terrorists from coming in.

    I think it is well worth our privacy to be safe.

  17. 1.i was ten years old, and i was in school.
    2. many life's were takeing to september11.
    3. good it keeps are country safe.

  18. 1.) I was 7 years old when this happened and on my way to school.

    2.) I remember my mom taking me right back home after my dad called her and told her what happened. My mom was crying because we have family there and she thought that they had been harmed but turned out they were not.

    3.) i am okay with giving up my privacy on certain levels that keeps me and my family safe.