Thursday, October 13, 2011

Are online classes a good idea?

Please grab a copy of the article from Mr. Owens or myself and read both responses. After your reading, please answer the following questions in a comment for this blog. ALL ANSWERS should be in complete sentences. ***If you don't know what dichotomy means, look it up on***

1 - List three advantages and three disadvantages to online classes that are referenced in the article.

2 - According to Karen Aronowitz, what dichotomy exists within current legislators around this topic.

2 - In your opinion, are online classes beneficial to everyone involved? Think about this issue from the side of the students? teachers? society in general?


  1. Yes I think are online classes is a good idea for students because other students don't like to work with there teachers they like to work online to do there work on different things such as dictionary words and read different type of books .

  2. Tristin washingtonOctober 13, 2011 at 7:15 AM have a flexible schedule ,use their own learning style, and broaden kids perspectives.three disadvantages are kids wont be social,might need the one on one time with a teacher face to face to learn, and might struggle with learning.
    2. politicians who require public school students to take online classes don't often choose this option for their own kids.
    3. i don't know people learn differently but in my case online course work for me. it might work for teachers to because they can help the people that don't get the work and not worry about what the other kids are doing.

  3. Advantages
    1. You can do your work on your own time.
    2.You can work at home and be comfortable.
    3.Can give us technology skills we'll need in the future.

    1.There is alot of distractions .
    2.You can give yourself your own breaks,meaning never getting back to your work .
    3.It's easy not to do .

    2.They say that technology should be used for education but at the same time says it's harmful for young people .

    3. I think it's laid back on everyone involved and that everyone should do it .

  4. Advantages;
    -Won't have to use a lot of paper.
    -Won't have to worry about losing homework.
    -Easier to read than peoples handwriting.
    -If the electric is out you can't do nothing, no work at all.
    -You won't be taught nothing, you have to learn by yourself or email/ask a teacher how to do something instead of them teaching you everything first.
    -It easy not to do.
    2.)Politicians want people to do online schooling but they want their kids to be able to interact with the teacher and go on trips, be in real school while online schooling you basically depend on yourself.
    3.)I don't think online classes are beneficial to everyone involved because some people don't understand a lot of work in school and some people are just to lazy. This can help the students depending on the type of person they are. I don't really think the teachers have to do much because they got to grade they don't really have to teach nothing with online classes. Society I think handles this well because a lot of people are joining online schools because its easy you can do it whenever you want.

  5. Three advantages and disadvantages of the online class article is 1.An online class is low-cost,2.On a online school you can work at your own pace and 3.Going to an online school works it flexible ways to fit your schedule.
    Three disadvantages are 1.Going to an online class is supposedly more crowded. 2.For younger students going to an online class it could be harmful for the student because of vision, brain development, and psychological health problems.
    Politicians think that they don't often choose this option for their kids but they want their kids in small classes to be able to go on field trips and and interact with their peers.
    I think that online schools are beneficial to everyone because you can use the internet to get more information on things that you are learning about it's a good resource and its also handy. Teachers use computers to organize things much faster then having to write all of their stuff down. And online schools are beneficial to society in general because their are some classes that you can not take at a regular school.

  6. 1.3 good things about doing online school is it don't cost as much,you could get a jump start on college ,and you can take classes that no high schools 3 bad things about online schools is that u don't get as much out of it,it gives u bad eye sight,also it screws with your brain development.
    3.i think it is because some people want to get school work done faster and this will do it for them.

  7. 1. Three advantages of online schools are thee students can work at there on speed. If they have kids are a job are maybe there are sick a lot the can still get there work. Last but not least it helps some students learn better there might work at a faster speed then others.

    2. On the good side the students can learn better and its low costing. On the bad side for younger students siting at a computer all day can be very harmful to the vision and brain development.

    3. Yes i think online classes are very beneficial the student because they can work at there on speed. There are beneficial to teachers because they can have others jobs and they can get a lot of work done. As far as society in general yes its good because more students can get there education and get off the street.

  8. 1. One advantage of online school is working at your own pace. Some students work better if they can take their time and not have to rush to meet the standards of a regular school pace. Another advantage to online school is the flexibility. If students are dropping out because they can't find the time between work or child care, I believe online school is a great way to keep them in school. Last but not least, online school offers more courses than a regular school, because regular school doesn't have all the resources needed. On the flip side, there are also disadvantages to online school. One disadvantage to online school is the fact that there are know teachers right there to help you if you struggle with your objectives. Also, it has been in many opinions that online school harms your vision, as well as your attention span and brain development. Finally, the last con to online school is that it affects the communication between student and teacher.

    2. According to Karen Aronowitz, some people think online school is great. On the other hand, some people don't.

    3. In my opinion, online school is not beneficial to everyone, especially those who struggle without a teacher. Although, if it works for you, then it works for you. It's all about finding what's best for you and your education.

  9. This is part of the anonymous dichotomy is the division into two parts yes and no what was karen

  10. 1. One advantage of online learning is students can take courses that aren't offered in normal high schools. Another advantage is advanced courses are avaliable to any student online unlike in the traditional high school classroom. Students at risk of dropping out are less likley to drop out if they have a school that can work with their schedule. The cons of online courses are the quality of education recived isn't as good, the students don't get to interact with their teachers, and kids don't get to have discussions and go on field trips as they would at a normal school.
    2. Legislators require online courses in public schools but wouldn't want their children taking the same courses.
    3. I believe how much a student benefits from online courses depends on the student. Some students learn better in an online course than they do in a normal classroom setting. There are students that feel more comfortable in an online classroom than on a school classroom. There are also students that work and have kids or family to take care of. For these students online learning may be better. For other students, traditional classees may be better.

  11. 1.The three on online learning is it provides flexibility, prepare for college, and and students can work at there own pace which you can't usually do in a regular classroom.The disadvantages of online learning is the lack of social behavior,discussion, and real life stories teachers use to help you picture a better image on the subject.which you can't learn online.
    2.The dichotomy that exist within current legislators that Karen was talking about is the fact that politicians require public students to take online classes but don't choose to require that to their own children.
    3.In my opinion i think both sides are right so they should find a way to fit them both into one overall way.