Monday, November 21, 2011

First Amendment Rights

Please share the topics that you found in your research.  You should be researching a topic where someone's 1st Amendment rights have been violated in your opinion.  Have fun with it!

Write a paragraph describing Who was involved, What happened, When it happened, Where is happened, and Why is happened.


  1. @'Brien

  2. police cleared an encampment of occupy protesters that were in an empty lot ....

    This story was about a girl who impersonated her Principal on a Myspace website. She was sentenced to nine months probation but got a appeal because she said they were in her violation of her 1st amendment.The case was reversed and she didn't have to serve her sentence.


    Roe v Wade (1973)

    Norma McCorvey, a citizen of Texas, was pregnant and wanted to have an abortion. Texas state laws (and most other states) made abortion illegal in that state. Suing under the name Jane Roe she claimed that the state of Texas violated her right to privacy by prohibiting the abortion and telling her what to do with her own body. The state argued that abortion was murder and that there was a compelling state interest in protecting the life of the unborn child.

    In this landmark decision the Court declared that laws prohibiting abortion represented a violation of a women's right to privacy. While the right to privacy does to exist as such in the Constitution it has long been interpreted to exist as an umbrella created by the first 5 amendments in the Bill of Rights. By creating this precedent abortion became legal in all 50 states.

    Norma McCorvey (1973) was from Texas and denied the right to abortion because they banned abortion because they call it murder. In my opinion you don't know what happened when she got pregnant. she could have been raped who wants to look at the child that belongs to a man that did something he should be in jail for. it is her body she can do what she wants with it.


    This happened Wednesday the 16th of November. The Muslims in Orange County, Califorina sued the FBI for spying on them in the mosques.


    what happend in missisppi was a girl want to bring her girlfriend to the prom but she couldnt so they try cancel the prom because she try to bring her girlfriend had an txudeo on at this event