Monday, October 1, 2012

Titanic Lesson

1.  Click on the "Titanic Activity" link above.  Look through the primary source documents.  Compare and contrast the documents from Charlotte Cardeza and Yum Hee.  

Pay attention to the total worth of the items listed for both Titanic passengers, and also the kinds of items they had with them.  

2.  Click on the "Additional Information" link.  What conclusions can we draw based on the statistics on this website?


  1. The women was very wealthy she had just about everything you could think of and then some, the man was very poor he really only had the clothes on his back and something to sleep on and was very limited on items. If the boat would have made it all the way to New York City I think that the girl would have been even more wealthy then what she already was and she would have never had to fight for what she wanted unlike the man he would have had to get a job and make money for what he wanted and needed in life so that way he could have more things such as clothes a place to live and then some.

  2. the girl had a lot of money so she really had no worries to where the guy had next to nothing except for what he had as of just a little bit of cash and some close to where she had jewels that was 20x more then everything he had so to conclude him and her she was rich and he was poor.

    if they would have made it to America she would had no problems starting a life there to where he would have to start form nothing he would have been homeless until he got a job so for then mean time he would have to Scrooge for food and she would be in a nice home eating very well so basically shes good to go for where he is going to be down and out.

  3. Danielle FiorentiniOctober 1, 2012 at 9:00 AM

    Some pf the peoples lifes before the reck was good and some not so good. Some would be rich and some would be not so rich.
    Their life would have been good and some decent if the ship didn't sank. They would have started their lives in New York.

    Danielle Fiorentini

  4. It was hard for the poor people becuse they did not have a lot of money so they wood begin from scratch.

    the rich people will have it real good they dont need for no one they can get what they wont when they wont.

    If i was on the ship i would wont to be the poor one because i know what it feels like to work for my stuff.